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Stephan Siegrist: The Speaker

Nevertheless, we were able to organize an unforgettable virtual event with Stephan Siegrist… the Q&A session at the end of the presentation was a highlight for all of us. 
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NEW – Virtual Speaker

In these times of restrictions and adversity, virtual speakers have become a necessity to organisations all over the world.  I have evolved my live presentations into live stream webinar’s which can be broadcast straight from my studio to any desktop.  Professional, personalised and well equipped to provide your event with high quality film, images and live content streamed directly to your location of choice, be it a conference room or home office.

Presentations and webinars

In his multimedia presentations, professional mountain climber Stephan Siegrist, born in 1972, from the Bernese Oberland takes his audience on a journey into the world of climbing adventures and presents the highlights of his career as a climber and adventurist. Siegrist, considered one of the best alpinists of our time for many years now, tours not only through his native country of Switzerland but also lectures regularly abroad.

Whether in the Himalayas, the Andes or Antarctica, high quality images and exciting videos coloring the presentations allow the spectator to lose themselves in far away worlds and bold adventures. Siegrist never portrays himself as a hero; he speaks about his remote expeditions with a large share of humor, self-irony and modesty.


We have invited Stephan as a speaker to our events on several occasions: whether it be speaking about motivation, concentration and dedication or dissertating over team spirit and risk management. All were mesmerized by Stephan's inspiring words and breathtaking pictures. Very professional.

A year full of challenges for everybody; a special year by any measure that won't be forgotten. Planning a Year-End event was difficult under the given COVID conditions and restrictions. Nevertheless, we were able to organize an unforgettable virtual event with Stephan Siegrist, where Stephan shared authentically and with humor about one of his last expeditions. He managed to show that the situations alpinists are confronted with sometimes correspond very well with our daily work. The Q&A session at the end of the presentation was a highlight for all of us and we thank Stephan for his open nature and willingness to answer our questions.
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We booked Stephan Siegrist as a keynote speaker for our Sales Team. He combined his grasping style of performance with impressive pictures and movies and managed to illustrate the parallels between mountaineering and sales hence motivating and captivating our sales team.
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Business lectures

Business lectures help establish synergies in the corporate world. Siegrist’s idea is to not only to motivate the employees of a company but also to inspire the management by sharing his leadership skills and experience.

Successfully implementing vision and ideas calls for clever strategy and planning in order to reach a goal and tap into the full potential available. Commitment and activity help launch a dream. Endurance and confidence help gain strength, even from failure. Knowledge and experience cultivate trust in your instinct: there are times when you have to be able to turn back.

Through his many years of expedition and team climbing, Siegrist is able to create synergies between the mountaineering and the corporate worlds and confers his know-how in the latter; minor errors can have major consequences. Optimal risk management is indispensable, whether on a mountain or within an enterprise.

Stephan Siegrist motivates and encourages reflection through his talks. His action is driven by a passion to discover and explore unknown territory. Every goal, once targeted, is pursued with enthusiasm and commitment.

Transfer and implementation

While on expedition and throughout his exploits, Stephan Siegrist is faced by numerous challenges and tasks. These can demands can be transferred to the expectations and targets found in the management setting.

Developing and implementing vision, understanding the dynamics of team building, gauging ones strengths and weaknesses, as well as the importance of self-assessment, are some of many relevant themes.

In the area of mental training, Stephan Siegrist works together with Psychologist Thomas Theurillat.

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Individual presentations

Stephan Siegrist often draws parallels to his own background and sheds light on how he pushes the limits to make the impossible possible.

These presentations can be tailored individually to your specific needs. Various theme possibilities, presentation length and number of participants can all be catered for upon request.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information and a personalized proposal.