Stephan Siegrist

Professional Alpinist

In Memoriam: A route for departed friends

This first ascent sets the stage for memories of the passion of our companions.

The 1,800-meter-high north face of the Eiger is one of the most legendary walls in the world, and its development was long considered the “last problem of the Alps“. In the Bergwelten documentary, the two German climbers Thomas and Alexander Huber and their Swiss mountain colleague Stephan Siegrist venture on a spectacular new route on the wall.

As such, the three top alpinists have already lost some of their mountain companions. They want to dedicate the new route on the Eiger to them, explains Thomas Huber: "The bad thing is when you've been on the mountain with friends and had an incredible time, and suddenly - from one moment to the next - they're no longer there."

As the three struggle through the wall - the route turns out to be unexpectedly difficult - they remember all the deceased great climbers who celebrated greatest triumphs here on the legendary North Face, like solo speed record holder Ueli Steck or ice climbing pioneer Jeff Lowe. And the great tragedies that have taken place on the Eiger North Face are also in their thoughts.

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